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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wild things can stay there.....

OK.  My first shot at writing a review.  I, like some other people i know, either owned or have read  the childrens book "Where The Wild Things Are".   Max, the main character in the book as well as the movie, misbehaves at home, chasing the dog with a fork in a wolf costume and gets sent to his room without  his supper as punishment. His bedroom turns into a fantasy world where he sails to an island and finds the "wild things", becomes king, gets homesick and eventually he ends up back in his bedroom.  Max is your typical kid that has a wild imagination that often gets him into trouble.  Normal.  Great book for kids. Movie - not so.
Max is portrayed as an extremely agitated child, picked on by his sisters friends, dressing up in his wolf suit, (AND the only reference to him chasing the dog with the fork is during the opening credits), raising hell,  standing on the kitchen table and demanding ''FOOD WOMAN" biting his mother, and running out the door. He proceeds to find a sailboat, start sailing away and ends up on an island of Wild things who are all in the class of dysfunction 101.  There is nothing in this movie that is even remotely close to acceptable for children, other than the ending when Max returns home, is eating dinner and watching his mother fall asleep.  This movie teaches everything that i do not want my grandson or any other child that watches it to learn: Extreme disobedience, rudeness, being inconsiderate, destruction of property (one of the wild things on the island destroys things when he is upset - the other wild things' houses......) running away, and that all of this is ok. (no discipline when he comes back, he was only given his dinner)
Personally, i wouldn't waste the $1.06 on renting this movie.  You Really want the story of Where The Wild Things Are?  READ THE BOOK.  YOU'LL LOVE IT.

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