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Friday, March 7, 2014

I Close My Eyes.......

As the days go by I think of you
Wondering what you are doing.
Are you thinking of me?
Do you feel what I feel?

There are so many things I want to say
Words that will go unspoken
Fearing that they will fall on deaf ears
Be spoken all for naught

The distance between us feels as though
It spans a life time. 
Talking to you but never hearing your voice
Seeing you but never able to look into your eyes

I am a prisoner in my own life
Bound by chains fashioned of torment
Strengthened by years of misery
Longing to but never able to escape

In my darkness I close my eyes and then
I feel the warmth of your touch on my face
I feel your arms around me, strong, 
Never letting go, keeping me safe

My body is pressed close to yours
I can feel your heartbeat, feel your 
Soft touch, your warm breath
Hear your whispers in my ear

I know that when I open my eyes
You will no longer be with me
Once again you will be only in my
Heart, my thoughts and in my dreams