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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who's who any more?

I don't care too much for politics, but it is quite obvious that i can't help but to see the advertisements on TV for the different politicians running for any given office or seat.
It wasn't until i married my second husband that i even voted.  My feeling was when i see someone worth voting for, i will register. Well, apparently he has that "everyone should vote" attitude and i reluctantly registered.  I gave in to that, but i would NOT choose an affiliation.  I am a proud "Independent"!
Anyway, back to the topic at hand, which is what i was leading up to with all that.  I don't "follow" politics, other than watching the ads. From what i see, it would be kind of hard to follow anyway.  I haven't learned anything about anyone running for office other than what kind of money they took, how they bankrupted a company while paying themselves millions, what kind of lies they told, and how wrestling corrupts our children.  Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't a "campaign" supposed to convince people to vote for you based on YOUR accomplishments, YOUR beliefs, and what YOU will do for the people?  It seems as though politics have turned into a bash-fest.  I have YET to see one ad for what any politician is going to do for me if elected to the seat they are seeking.
Seems to me as though i was better off not voting.......there still isn't anyone worth voting for.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wild things can stay there.....

OK.  My first shot at writing a review.  I, like some other people i know, either owned or have read  the childrens book "Where The Wild Things Are".   Max, the main character in the book as well as the movie, misbehaves at home, chasing the dog with a fork in a wolf costume and gets sent to his room without  his supper as punishment. His bedroom turns into a fantasy world where he sails to an island and finds the "wild things", becomes king, gets homesick and eventually he ends up back in his bedroom.  Max is your typical kid that has a wild imagination that often gets him into trouble.  Normal.  Great book for kids. Movie - not so.
Max is portrayed as an extremely agitated child, picked on by his sisters friends, dressing up in his wolf suit, (AND the only reference to him chasing the dog with the fork is during the opening credits), raising hell,  standing on the kitchen table and demanding ''FOOD WOMAN" biting his mother, and running out the door. He proceeds to find a sailboat, start sailing away and ends up on an island of Wild things who are all in the class of dysfunction 101.  There is nothing in this movie that is even remotely close to acceptable for children, other than the ending when Max returns home, is eating dinner and watching his mother fall asleep.  This movie teaches everything that i do not want my grandson or any other child that watches it to learn: Extreme disobedience, rudeness, being inconsiderate, destruction of property (one of the wild things on the island destroys things when he is upset - the other wild things' houses......) running away, and that all of this is ok. (no discipline when he comes back, he was only given his dinner)
Personally, i wouldn't waste the $1.06 on renting this movie.  You Really want the story of Where The Wild Things Are?  READ THE BOOK.  YOU'LL LOVE IT.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I never imagined i would do it again.......

Wow. Here i am, two children - 20 and 22 and I have a 19 month old in the house. I'm 42 and my husband is 45. Never in this lifetime did we imagine that we would be raising a baby at our age. Even though it has been a year, it is still "sinking in".
Let me tell you the story........
My husband and I like to snowmobile, go on the boat, 4-wheeling, etc. Well, up until June of 2008, we had my son Erik in the house. He has Aspergers Syndrome which is high functioning Autism. He really took a toll on us because all his disability is social, daily living skills, etc. For example, If I did not tell him to shower every morning, he would not because his brain does not process the "necessity" to shower. He is 6' 3", about 280lbs but wouldn't hurt a fly. He is just a gentle giant plain and simple.
Well, when i divorced his father, my oldest son went to live with my ex and Erik stayed with me. (thats a totally different story for another day). Always asking to go live with "daddy", i told him that he could not until he graduated from high school. Well the day came and i certainly couldn't go back on my word so July 1st, he went to live with his father.
Although we didn't like the idea of Erik living with his father (he doesn't know how to assist an Autistic person, nor does he want to make the time), we were liking the fact that we could come and go as we please. All we had to worry about now was who was going to take care of our pets if we left them home. (They are our kids so they pretty much go everywhere with us unless we have to fly somewhere)
Then, on May 9th i think it was, my grandson, then 6 months old, became part of our lives. No more coming and going as we pleased. No more "its all about us now". We had this little person in our lives that depended on us for his very survival....whether we liked it or not, we were raising a baby.
that in itself is a long story. One that i would rathar not get into for personal reasons. Lets just say that my son and his wife were total flipping morons, were only thinking of themselves, got into a bit of trouble and were not able to take care of their son. Well, to keep him out of state custody, we stepped in.
BOY did our lives change. Now i know why they give children to young people lol. Its been a long time since i was changing diapers, buying baby food, soothing a tooth-cutting baby. Took me a little bit but i got back into the swing of things.
Poor little thing. When he was brought to us at 6 months old, he was just so confused. My heart broke when i saw his eyes. Its a good thing i was there not too long ago - he smiled when he saw me so i know that he recognized me. good thing because i would hate to think what would have happened had he not. Just the dazed look in his eyes - after all, the poor kid was taken from his mommy and daddy, brought to me by my stepmother (whom he had only seen once). Yanked from his stability and didn't know what the hell was going on.
It took quite a while for him to look as though he was ok. After all, i wasn't his mommy. I don't care what anyone says, a baby knows who its mother is. I would give Jennifer updates on him and I really tried to visit them as much as i could with the baby - it was hard though. They lived in Virginia and i was in CT. We were talking about a 9 hour drive, one way. It wasn't something that i could do too often unfortunately.
At this point he is a very well adjusted little boy. He is now a year and a half, starting to talk, climbing all over everything like a little monkey, eats like a little piggy and is just a super happy kid. (despite going through the terrible twos and becoming a beast child :) )We try to take videos and pictures when we can so that my son and his wife will have some type of memories, since they are missing out on alot. I know its not the same, but i also know that they will appreciate anything of that nature when it comes to their son.
Do I have any regrets? Only that my son and his wife were stupid enough to get themselves into that type of situation to begin with, having a small child to think about.
How long will we have him? Not sure. Obviously the kids want him back as quickly as possible. They did give us custody of him as they cannot support him right now, but we all agreed that when the time came, we would reverse the custody and give it back to them. When is that going to happen?
Not sure. My grandson doesnt really know his parents. He is "familiar" enough with them that as long as my husband and I are there, he will play with them and sit with them, etc. If we leave, thats when he gets nervous and starts looking for us.
I know that it is a difficult situation for them. I can't even IMAGINE what they feel not having their son with them. All i know, (and they certainly don't want to hear it) is that they need to focus on getting THEIR lives straightened out. If they aren't right, Their son will not be right with them. We are fully prepared to be in this for the long haul. This little guy is the most important thing right now.
I do have to say that he has been a blessing. We are so glad that we were there to help the kids. They are trying to get their lives back in order, and we are raising their son and hoping that one day, they will be in a position to resume the role as his primary caregivers. They have a long way to go both in maturity and just their overall situation, but we are here to support them and help them the whole way.