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Friday, March 2, 2012

Gotta love him.....

Another Axel tale: This morning, i was attempting to "catch" him to get his shoes on so that we can go to Miss Judy's (Daycare). Well, apparently when i say come here, it clearly means run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. 
I managed to catch him, and told him "we need to get your shoes on so we can go. I need you to be my "best helper." " Struggling with me the whole time i am trying to get his shoes on, i finally manage to accomplish the task. He gets off my lap and i tell him - "you need to stop being so fresh to me in the morning. I need you to be my best helper so I can go to work and you can go to Miss Judy's." He turns around to me, puts his hands on his hips and clearly states: "Well Moma, thats not the way I see it."
I couldn't really say too much after that - i was trying too hard not to laugh.

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  1. Precious...makes me think of my grandchildren...they are too smart for my own good!